Perx Agency started 20 years ago as a below the line activation company with big dreams in the sporting world. Throughout those years we have managed and owned some of South Africa’s biggest sporting contracts.

The success of our campaigns led us to engage in providing a fully integrated brand solution for our clients.  We soon grew into a well-oiled machine that covered all aspects of great branding including the incorporation of advertising and media services as part of our full product offering.

We have overcome various challenges over the years and braved the obstacles with strength, laughter and insight into the learning opportunities presented in each experience.  Our great stories and successful brand campaigns are a testament for generations to come.

Our client experience begins as soon as you step into our building. A long standing sporting facility converted into offices, Langham Estate showcases our creative professionalism. Clients leave certain they have stepped into the right place. The experience, like Perx Agency itself, is: Versatile, Effective and Unique.

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