Most consumers have experienced the dissatisfaction of unfulfilled promises.. They’ve walked into their favourite eatery, ordered the juicy looking burger in the picture and found that the promise of the burger does not live up to the promise. Many agencies fall foul of this. Their initial BIG IDEA is very convincing but the follow through is not effective and by the time the consumer comes into contact with the brand, it’s just a bland tasting burger.


With over 20 years of industry experience, Perx Agency understands the importance of maintaining the creative idea, service levels and turnaround time. We have hand-picked the necessary talent who share this vision and culture. This Dream Team offers clients a thorough line service and keeps the main goal (SALES) top of mind.


Anyone that is open to new approaches has a chance of experiencing the effect of our methods and techniques for themselves. We start with the goal first and then the solution

- We believe that starting from the bottom and working your way up gives you a better understanding of the ins and outs of your market.

- We have done the ground work and understand the consumer in each case.

- We are able to pick up the ball and save campaigns.

-We understand the difference between just looking pretty and what actually sells.